We offer Full, Part and DIY Livery packages to suit each individual owner, whether you are interested in training for competition in any discipline, enjoy hunting, hacking or just caring for your horse.

Prices start from £45 per horse, per week for DIY  Livery.

We can offer assisted packages tailored to you and your horses needs including:

All our fields are fenced with combinations of Field-guard electric tape, post and rail and tornado horse fencing. Each of the sixty-five paddocks has its own access to a water trough and several of the fields have shelters to accommodate those on resting or retirement livery.

Our 40 stables have rubber matting and automatic drinkers, many have two views or windows to look out of.  They are arranged in eight different blocks, most with their own tack room.  Each stable has an indoor and outdoor rug rail.  Some are traditional block stables facing outdoors, some are wooden and some are American barn style.

We found different horses prefer different types of home! 

We have one block of 6 stables that only have 5ft high dividers so the horses can interact with each other and these have straw bedding included in the price.  They vary in size from 12 x 12, 14 x 11, to 16 x 12 and 14 x 14 for the larger horses.

On arrival we ask to see a copy of all horse’s passports and check they are vaccinated to date, and all our clients have to sign an agreement and pay a month’s deposit before arrival. It is then asked that a month’s notice is given before leaving.

We have a worming programme, using worm counts and targeted worming.

We make our own haylage each year, which is offered for sale. Alternatively you can buy small bale hay from neighbouring farmers who will deliver to the yard.

We sell various types of bedding, which all work well with the rubber matting.

We operate a recycling programme for all your feed bags, plastic wrap and baler twine.

There is also a kitchen/coffee room on the yard for making drinks or having lunch, where you can also find a wide selection of information on local facilities, feed, show schedules etc. We also have toilet facilities.